The Answer (3-Day Lunch Box Bundle)



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Are you working for home and need something easy for the kids for their lunch each day?  We have "The Answer".  The Answer is a 3 day Lunch box bundle.  Choose from 3 of the following entrees:

  • Ham and American Cheese on Wheat Bread Sandwich
  • Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
  • Rise and Shine Protein Box
  • PB&J Sandwich


About This Product!

  • The Parents Choice
  • Makes Planning Lunches Easy!
  • Kiddo Approved Snacks
  • Packed to the brim with goodies

What's in it?

3 x Entrees of your Choice - 3 x Sun Chips (Variety) - 3 x Natures Bakery Fig Bars (Blueberry and Raspberry) - 3 x Annie's Homegrown Fruit Snacks (Variety) - 3 x Honest Kids Organic Juice Boxes (6fl oz.) (Variety)


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